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The Botect Consortium is made by the companies Valigeria Roncato and Idea Plast and was created for the production and marketing of products other than their original core business.

Idea Plast is an Italian company founded in 2009, specialized in industrial design and transformation of plastic material, which deals with the design, calculation and simulation of tool paths, mold making, and molding for third parties, as well as the development of its products for the catering sector. Like many other italian artisan activities, Idea Plast SRL was born from the professional experience of its founder, basing its success on values ​​such as creativity, innovation, personalized attention from its customers, as well as in the quality of its products.

Valigeria Roncato was born in 1973 and is a renowned Italian company specialized in the production and marketing of a wide range of products for travel and leisure. This thanks to a deep-rooted experience and product know-how, always respecting the Italian style. Meeting the needs of the consumer through research and improving product features are the main mission of the Padua-based company which has always stood out for the production of high-performance items, with avant-garde design and intrinsic quality.

Together these two companies, which have always worked together to achieve remarkable product quality standards, have decided to take on this new challenge, putting themselves at the service of the community and reacting in a difficult moment for everyone.

Having the opportunity to quickly convert our production lines is an act we are proud of, it shows us that the choice to continue producing in Italy, in the Veneto region, has been a winning choice over the years. The desire and the opportunity to travel will return soon, it’s time to be there and help our community

Valigeria Roncato & Idea Plast