What is BOTECT?

it is a face and nose protection mask, for a general use, in compliance with Directive 2001/95 / CE on general product safety; BOTECT is suitable for protection from dust, wind, suspended particles, mucus and saliva. It’s not a PPE or a DM.

Where can I use it?

It can be used in all places, with the exception of those work environments where the use of PPE or DM is not required in order to reduce the damage deriving from risks to health and safety at work. BOTECT can be used in domestic and public environments where protection from dust, mucus and saliva is necessary, in the supermarket, in the office, on means of transport, in the city …

How many times can Botect be reused?

the product was created with an eco-sustainable logic, being reusable several times; the protective filter is in fact removable and replaceable. The mask is equipped with 25 disposable filters that minimize the amount of waste after use. The mask can be used multiple times, having a two-year warranty, until its structure is damaged.

How long do the filters last?

we recommend changing the filters every 8 hours, in any case the duration of the filters depends on their use.

How much do replacement filters cost?

a pack of 25 filters what 8.90 euros, which means paying a use of the mask 0.35 euros.

How long is BOTECT guaranteed?

it is guaranteed to the consumer for two years.

What material is it made of?

the material is medical PVC, ergonomic, it adapts very well to the shape of the face.

Can it also be used by people with glasses?

BOTECT can also be used by those who wear glasses because it adapts to the shape of the face, being made of soft medical PVC.