Botect | Mascherina Protettiva Individuale a lunga durata

Botect is a reusable face, nose and mouth protection mask for individual, general use, equipped with 25 interchangeable filters and adjustable elastic bands. REUSABLE INFINITE TIMES.

It is effective against wind, dust, drops, suspended and non-suspended particles, mucus and saliva. The mask is washable, reusable, sanitizable and therefore eco-sustainable, as it is not single-use.

It comes with a 2-year guarantee.It is ideal for use in work environments such as offices and production plants (where the use of MD or PPE is not required), for shopping, for moving around the city, cleaning the house or other outdoor activities. Made of medical PVC, it is ergonomic, comfortable, and easily adapts to the shape of the wearer’s face.

The product complies with the provisions of the 2001/95 / EC directive on general product safety. Made in Italy.

Each package comes with

Botect contenuto della confezione
  • 2 Masks in soft, ergonomic medical PVC
  • 50 TNT filters (100% polyester)
  • 50 TNT filters (100% polypropylene)
  • 2 filters locking cap in transparent polypropylene
  • 4 elastic bands
  • 16 polypropylene hooks to adjust the elastics

There are no restrictions under the Community Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

The mask measures 13x 13x7cm. The mask has one size and is intended for adults, it cannot be used by children.*

Instructions for use

  • Check that the mask is clean and the filter usable.
  • Sanitize your hands by washing them thoroughly with soap and water before touching the filters or the mask.
  • Put on the mask by placing the elastic bands one at a time behind your head.
  • We recommend viewing the video tutorial to understand how to correctly wear the mask.

*The color of the elastic bands is indicative

Cleaning and Maintenance

At the end of each use, the mask must be sanitized by gently wiping it with a damp cloth accompanied by a detergent and / or disinfectant.Replace the filter as soon as necessary, as needed. (we recommend at least once every 8 hours of use)

Pulizia mascherina botect

Replacing the filter section:

  • Remove the filter locking cap (pos. 3)
  • Remove the TNT filter section (pos. 2A and pos. 2B) and dispose of it according to the provisions of your municipality of residence.
  • Sanitize the face protection and the cap both internally and externally.
  • Place the new filter section in the position and order shown (2A and 2B) taking care not to contaminate it.
  • Reposition the filter locking cap on top of the filter section in the dedicated slot.
  • Check that the filter locking cap is firmly inserted in its slot and that it holds the filter section in place.

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The Botect mask is ergonomic, comfortable, washable, reusable, sanitizable and eco-sustainable. Ideal for any type of use in work environments such as offices and productions.

Botect is a nose-mouth facial protection mask, it is NOT a medical surgical device, it is not Personal Protection Equipment. The Product does not protect against harmful gases, pathogens and / or viruses. Do not use the Product in contaminated, hazardous to health or low oxygen environments. Failure to replace the filter section or contamination of it, hygiene and cleaning of the Product are the responsibility of the user. The Manufacturer is not liable for incorrect use, contamination or poor hygiene of the Product and its parts.