Kit Botect Protective Front Visor 2 pcs. | Botect

Kit Botect Protective Front Visor 2 pcs.


BOTECT visor is practical and light(less than 35 g weight) and it is first-line protection for the eyes, nose and mouth.

It is effective in protecting from spray and drops (droplet).

It consists of a visor made in PET transparent anti fogging and anti static.

It can be easily sanitized and replaced thanks to its interlocking assembly.

Through its specific tabs it is applied to an adjustable support in PP composed of two fixed bands. The side pins allow easy lifting of the visor.




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Kit 2 x protective front visor Botect.

Every pack includes:

  • 2 PP adjustable supports
  • 4 PET protective visors anti fogging and antistatic


Dimensions: 285 x 220 mm Thickness: 175 micron

Total weight: 35 gr

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