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KIT of 25 Disposable Filter refills for Botect Mask (25 Days)


The kit consists of 25 filters in TNT, non-woven fabric (100% polyester) and 25 filters in TNT (100% polypropylene).

Carefully read the instructions that you will receive with the filters for instructions to apply them, and watch the video tutorial for their correct insertion into the mask, following the order of instructions provided.

We recommend replacing the filters at least once every 8 hours of use, when ventilation becomes difficult, or in any case it becomes necessary to do so.

Filters can be reordered in individual packages, without the mask.


Before storing the Product, verify that it is clean and sanitized.

Store the Product in a cool indoor environment, away from atmospheric agents and heat sources.

  • Keep the Product away from open flames and direct sunlight.
  • It is advisable to place the Product inside a container capable of preserving its characteristics.
  • Store the interchangeable filters supplied carefully, avoiding possible direct or contamination indirect.


The PRODUCT materials do not require special disposal procedures. Refer to the local regulations for the disposal of mixed wasted (see table of technical data for the composition of the materials). Do not dispose of or abandon the Product in the environment for any reason.

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Each package comes with:

  • 25 filters in TNT, non-woven fabric (100% polyester) certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • 25 filters in TNT (100% polypropylene) certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100